What We Do

Our Mission

The “Fight Clinic” was created in 2016 thanks to Doctor Pegoli’s idea with the aim of creating a group of professionals that could take care of fighters during the events. From a small group of 5 people, to this day the Clinic counts dozens of professionals on the national and international level with different specialties: medics, therapists, nurses, osteopaths, all devoted to taking care of the fighters.

Moreover, the Fight Clinic provides ringside doctors, anesthesiologists, radiologists and other professionals that make themselves available based upon the promoter’s request for pre and post match medical examinations and to take care of the fighters during the event. This way we provide the possibility to have an immediate diagnosis within the event itself thanks to the most sophisticated portable radiographic and ultrasound instruments, and also immediate treatment, thanks to the prompt creation of custom made splint for the athletes.

In addition, the Fight Clinic can provide healthcare for the audience, to ensure an extensive medical coverage for the event.

The Fight Clinic works alongside many high-level structures on both a national and international level to which the athletes can refer to during the days of the event or for the whole year for medical examinations, diagnosis and treatments with the staff of the Fight Clinic itself.